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Our services


  • A simple mandate confers the sale of the property to multiple professionals, and allows the possibility for the owner to sell the property themself.
  • An exclusive mandate entrusts the sale of the property to a single professional.
  • A semi-exclusive mandate allows the owner to sell the property themself with the help of a single real estate agency.

Our advice

The majority of Anglo-Saxon countries use exclusive mandates. In France, this type of mandate is often avoided, as it can give the impression of being restricted. However...

Benefits of an exclusive mandate

  • Sale delay is shortened by months.
  • A single contact.
  • More services and financial investment on the part of the real estate agency.
  • Avoids a wide-spread circulation of the advert which can affect the property negatively, nevertheless it can be used on multiple listings.
  • Makes the property unique for the buyers.
  • The duration of exclusivity is clearly defined and can be converted into a simple mandate.
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